Updates from Our Airport Managers

July 6th — MAMA Quarterly Meeting

MD1 – Massey Airport: John Williamson

• Starting the initial process of planning and building T-Hangars.
• We are working on grooming the grass, seeding and mowing.

OXB – Ocean City Airport: Jaime Giandomenico

• We have wrapped the work on the water connection. This is a big deal for the airport, the benefits from this is good water and Fire Hydrants. The airport will host a Wings and Wheels Labor Day weekend to include an Andrew Sisters concert. Please stop by Labor Day weekend it will be a lot of fun.

58M Claremont Airport: Mary Hall

• All of our Hangars are completely rented or leased. Working on the Taxiways which should be completed by September 2016.

W48 – Essex Airport: Claudius Klimt

• Started our Flying club, which has been doing very well even throughout the winter. Slowly we are rebuilding the large aircraft hangar. We will be hosting an Airport Wings and Wheels this fall, and looking for a good turnout.

HGR – Hagerstown Airport: Phil Ridenour

• The Alfa/Delta project construction continues. Waiting on some discretionarily funding so we can continue our taxiway reconstruction. The airport will host a Wings and Wheels October 1st, 2016.

W50 – Davis Airport:Alicia Harvey Stanley

• All trees cleared that were required, and are working on stump grinding now. We had a Navy retirement event which attracted a lot of people and the event went off very well.

CGE – Cambridge Airport: Meighan Kinard Chisholm Sr.

• Working on tree removal.
• Putting in 21 new tie down aircraft parking spaces, all work should be completed by Labor Day weekend.
• Working with the Town Council and MAA, to get the aircraft acrobatic box moved away from the airport.  We continue to address this problem, and have expressed our concerns about safety with MAA, FAA and NOTAMs officials.

CBE – Greater Cumberland Airport: Ryan Shaffer

• We have just completed the project on the smaller runway. This was a MAA grant.