Talbot County Purchases Easton Property for Enhanced Airport Safety

Easton Airport

The Black & Decker building sits in the top right corner of the photo

Talbot County has entered into a contract to purchase the former Black and Decker facility located at 28712 Glebe Road in Easton. The County is currently performing an Environmental Due Diligence Audit (EDDA) on the property which is expected to be concluded in the next couple of months after which the purchase agreement will become final.

This plan reflects the goals in the Airport’s Master Plan adopted by the County in 2009 and approved by the FAA.

“No existing homes will be affected,” says Airport Manager Mike Henry. “The future extension of Runway 4/22 will not increase the load bearing capacity of the runway and will not allow larger aircraft to operate at the Airport. The weight of the aircraft landing here is already capped at 100,000 pounds and that will not change.”

“This project will ensure the continued viability of the Airport and help it remain a self-sufficient operation,” says Talbot County Council President Corey Pack, “Talbot County enjoys the benefits of the Airport’s economic impact, which provides $42.4 million in business revenue, generates $2 million in State and local taxes, and creates 483 jobs.”

Work on the project will begin when the Environmental Assessment is approved, and is not expected to begin for a number of years.