Massey Air Museum Launches “Opportunity Knocks”

Massey Air Museum

The students, seated from the left are, Liam Peregoy, Kyle Stroup, Andrew Smith, Norman Dixon and Nathan King. The instructors standing from the left are, Tony Saienni, John Williamson, Don Hooker, Joe Molz, Nick Mirales and Bob Dierker. The last two named were the hard working pilots. Missing from the graduation photo was instructor Tom Mellies.

Massey Air Museum’s  ‘Opportunity Knocks’ aeronautical engineering course for high school students was held on the week of July 16 – 20, 2018 at the museum facility.

Five selected students, four from Kent County and one from Queen Anne’s County, were recruited through the County High Schools, all having expressed an interest in aircraft engineering.

The course consisted of 24 hours of both academic and machine shop/fabrication experience, plus one and a half hours of flight time in a variety of aircraft.

The instructors are all museum staff members with many years of engineering experience and a love of flying which they were happy to share with potential kindred spirits.

Smiles were very much in evidence all week and are certainly on display in the photograph taken after graduation. The students are holding certificates from the museum and the local chapter of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) who also awarded them with ‘Young Eagles’ certificates.


The Massey Air Museum Curator, Don Hooker, has long wanted to promote aviation to young people in our community and this summer Massey initiated his program.

Don devised the entire program, proposed that Massey offer it and organized it from start to finish. (Don is also active in the Galena Lions Club).

In pursuance of the Massey Air Museum’s goals of providing community service and promoting general aviation, we wanted to encourage young people to explore aviation by conducting a one week Summer Engineering Course for motivated local high school students. With the success of our first years’s course (just completed July 20th) we hope to be able to increase the class size for next year. Our seven instructors were highly qualified, including two aeronautical engineers, a mechanical engineer, a designer of satellite electrical circuits, a mechanical arts instructor, a retired USAF General and a hang gliding pioneer who co-founded Massey Aerodrome in 2001.

In addition to the classes, each student received two airplane flights (1 introductory & 1 navigation test) and a glider flight.

fueling a low wing airplane at Bayland Aviation at Sby

Great new things are happening at the SBY Regional Airport!  Check it out:

  1. We now have a “fly-in” Flight surgeon office on our airfield.  Please schedule your next Fight Physical with Dr. Thomas Rosenthal – 410-860-8446
  2. RFP was just released seeking developers for our new Box and T-Hangar complex.  The box hangars will be 60’ x 60’ with dual door access, and the T-Hangars will have 49’ electric bi-fold door. This project will also include an ECO –Friendly aircraft wash rack and restroom.  If you aren’t already on our wait list,  you may have missed a fantastic opportunity.  Go to Wicomico County Website and Bids. And contact SBY  Regional Airport for Hangar availability- –  410-548-4827
  3. We will have self- serve fuel next fall to include SWIFT 80/87 octane fuel for various types of GA aircraft.
  4. We have completed the resurfacing of the Taxilanes between the three existing T-Hangars!  No more Pot-holes.
  5. We will begin painting the T-Hangars this summer.
  6. Corporate Hangar Ramp Resurfacing and Painting are pending our budget approval.  Will know by June 15th!

We are actively seeking another FBO for Corporate Jet Service Center that will provide maintenance and avionics services to all GA Aircraft.  These are just a few of the exciting new facilities and improvements being made at SBY Regional Airport.  Check us out at

OXB Doggie Connection

About once a month, Dr. Chris, a well known Ocean City anesthesiologists and volunteer pilot of Pilots N Paws, makes a flight in his Saratoga to a North Carolina kill center to rescue dogs. Dr. Chris has flown over 250 rescue dogs to new homes. On February 11, 2017, a total of 10 dogs, 5 of which were puppies were slowly extracted from the Saratoga at OXB.  The OXB Saratoga arrival was greeted by a group of enthusiastic volunteers waiting with water bowls and leashes and ready to walk the dogs between flights. Their connecting flights were aboard two Grumman aircraft destined for New Jersey where they will live in foster homes until adopted. One pooch definitely made it clear he did not want to fly in a crate for the second leg of the trip, so he was allowed to sit freely behind the pilots and enjoy the view like any good passenger should.

Pilots loading rescue dog into a Grumman aircraft.  doggie passenger sticking his head out of aircraft  pilots completing paperwork for dogs

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Talbot County Purchases Easton Property for Enhanced Airport Safety

Easton Airport

The Black & Decker building sits in the top right corner of the photo

Talbot County has entered into a contract to purchase the former Black and Decker facility located at 28712 Glebe Road in Easton. The County is currently performing an Environmental Due Diligence Audit (EDDA) on the property which is expected to be concluded in the next couple of months after which the purchase agreement will become final.

This plan reflects the goals in the Airport’s Master Plan adopted by the County in 2009 and approved by the FAA.

“No existing homes will be affected,” says Airport Manager Mike Henry. “The future extension of Runway 4/22 will not increase the load bearing capacity of the runway and will not allow larger aircraft to operate at the Airport. The weight of the aircraft landing here is already capped at 100,000 pounds and that will not change.”

“This project will ensure the continued viability of the Airport and help it remain a self-sufficient operation,” says Talbot County Council President Corey Pack, “Talbot County enjoys the benefits of the Airport’s economic impact, which provides $42.4 million in business revenue, generates $2 million in State and local taxes, and creates 483 jobs.”

Work on the project will begin when the Environmental Assessment is approved, and is not expected to begin for a number of years.

maryland airport map

September 2015 – General Aviation and Community Month

maryland airport map

The State of Maryland proclaimed September 2015 – General Aviation and Community Airport Month

Michael J. Pantelides, Mayor of the City of Annapolis and Governor Larry Hogan have declared September 2015 as  “General Aviation and Community Airport Month”.  This announcement recognizes the value and importance of the airport transportation system in Maryland.  A recently completed airport economic impact study by the Maryland Aviation Administration showed the general aviation airports in Maryland contribute positively to jobs, individual and business incomes as well as to  local and State taxes.

2015-09 MD Gov_Proclamation

Cities follow in declaration:

City of Annapolis Proclamation

Town of Easton Proclamation

City of Hagerstown Proclamation

City of Frederick Proclamation

20th Annual Maryland Regional Aviation Conference – It’s About Airports

The 20th Annual Maryland Regional Aviation Conference in June 2015, was a great success! Held in Ocean City, MD, the 3 day conference offers networking opportunities, education and activities and fun. Speakers focus on relevant aviation issues in the D.C./Maryland area, and the conference is well-attended by experienced airport managers, consultants, state and FAA officials, as well as aviation industry professionals.
For pilots, it’s an opportunity to show support for their local airport, meet key officials, and get questions answered by government officials and industry leaders. This year the roster included Thomas Zoeller, Managing Director of NTSA, John Sibole, Faast Team Program Manager and Ashish Solanki, Director of the Office of Regional Aviation Assistance for the Maryland Aviation Administration.

There is no better place to address issues involving aviation in your state than by attending the Maryland Regional Aviation Conference.

1929 Fairchild

Chili Fest triumphs over weather – Again!

If you’ve never been to the Massey Chili Fest, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Always scheduled for the second Saturday in May, you can feast your eyes on all kinds of interesting aircraft and cars as well.

Article by Bill Dougherty

1929 FairchildLow clouds lingered over the airport until nearly noon when patches of blue sky started to appear and sunlight finally pierced through. The show cars had arrived early and were attracting all the attention. As is usually the case, the weather was worse up north and around us, with fog preventing many from taking off. After a dry week of perfect weather forecasts it was looking like we were in for a disappointing day if prospective visitors made an early decision not to fly. Then they started to arrive, not quite the usual crowded skies but still they came and we were privileged to be able to view some magnificent restorations. Just a few of the treats were:

Stanly Sweikar brought back his EAA award winning 1929 FLEET Model 2 (he first visited us last June for the Biplane Fly-In); painted in brilliant red & yellow, the logo “GREAT AMERICAN FLYING CIRCUS – Est. 1922” seems most appropriate.

Mark Meredith had us all guessing with his DeHavilland Super Chipmunk, I can see where some might think it looked like a P-51. The IO-540 engine, with twice the original horsepower, gives it an aggressive, all business appearance that doesn’t resemble any Chipmunk I’ve ever seen – Super or not. A 2014 EAA Vintage Classic Class Award winner.

Guido Rietdyk displayed his colorful 360 hp YAK-50 to the delight of all us buzzards encamped on “Mount Massey.” Thanks for the Fly-Bys (and smoke) and to all those who indulged us – we enjoy watching.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the 2015 Massey Chili Fiesta Fly-In was the visit of Marlin Horst’s 1929 Fairchild 71, one of only three remaining airworthy Fairchild 71s. This airplane was awarded what is generally considered to be the highest achievement in airplane restoration in the country: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 Vintage: Antique Grand Champion – Gold Lindy. It also received the highest award for Vintage aircraft at this year’s Sun n’ Fun air show at Lakeland, FL. Marlin’s clearly not afraid to fly it around the country because he knows he made it reliable! An interesting feature of this airplane is that the wings will fold back next to the fuselage for storage. The wood instrument panel would make any Rolls Royce jealous. He brought his wife and a few grandchildren with room to spare. Marlin Horst is the owner of Smoketown Airport (just east of Lancaster, PA). He founded Premier Custom-Built Cabinetry of New Holland, PA in 1991. His experience in the cabinetry business shows in the incomparably fine woodwork found in the Fairchild restoration.

As always, the faithful provided more than enough food and no one needed to go home hungry – Thanks for sharing – The aviation spirit overfloweth, Long Live Grassroots Aviation. See more photos in our Photo Library