Grandview Aviation Attains Coveted ARGUS PLATINUM SAFETY RATING

Grandview Aviation charter helicopterGrandView Aviation, an executive helicopter based in Baltimore, Md., is pleased to announce that the company has received the prestigious ARGUS Platinum Safety Rating and is one of eight helicopter operators worldwide to hold this elite designation.  The Platinum Rating is the highest level of the ARGUS Ratings, which is presented by ARGUS International, Inc., and is awarded only to those air charter operators who have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best safety practices relative to their operations and maintenance.

“Achieving ARGUS Platinum is an important milestone for GrandView,” said Director of Operations, Yuval Hadaya. “We have an ongoing commitment to achieving the highest levels of safety and this rating assures our clients through third-party audits, that safety is our first consideration in everything we do.”

GrandView Aviation

Grandview Aviation (Baltimore Helicopter Services, LLC) opened Pier 7 heliport in 2004 and acquired a Bell 430 for its charter operation. To date, Grandview Aviation operates a Bell 407 helicopter and Bell 430 helicopter in addition to heliport operations at 4MD. In Spring of 2015, GrandView Aviation launched jet charter services with a 2012 Phenom 300 light jet, flown under the authority of Executive Flight Solutions, and will be soon adding a 2015 Wifi-enabled Phenom 300 to this service. For more information, please visit: